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"Directed By: Greg Mottola"

"Written By: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg"

Rating: R

Release Date: August 17, 2007

Filming Date: September 18, 2006

Runtime: 113 minutes (theatrical) 119 minutes (unrated release)

Budget:" $20,000,000 (estimated)"

Work Cited: IMDb

SuperBad trailer-1

SuperBad trailer-1

 "Superbad" [] n.p., n.d.  October 20, 2014


Jonah Hill as Seth

Michael Cera as Evan

Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fogel

Bill Hader as Officer Slater

Seth Rogen as Officer Michaels

Martha MacIsaac as Becca

Emma Stone as Jules Aviva Ba

umann as Nicola

Joe Lo Truglio as Francis The Driver

Work Cited: IMDb "Superbad" [] n.p., n.d.  October 20,2014

Superbad: A Gateway for Several Breakout StarsEdit

On September 18, 2006, the movie Superbad, started its filming with director Greg Mottola, as stated on IMDb, under the online article “Superbad.” Superbad was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who actually wrote it when they were thirteen years old, and eventually formed it into the movie today with the help of director Greg Mottola (“Superbad”). Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s voice in the movie is clearly shown, as their names are used as the main character’s names in the movie. IMDb’s article on Evan Goldberg states that the cowriter of Superbad, Goldberg, is the producer of several hit movies. Goldberg has produced movies such as Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, and of course Superbad (“Evan Goldberg”). While Goldberg only produces movies, cowriter Seth Rogen also stars in the movies he produces (“Superbad”). Seth Rogen, who starred in the 2007 movie Knocked Up, was actually co-stars with Jonah Hill, the main character in Superbad, according to IMDb’s article “Seth Rogen.” Ironically, Seth Rogen plays a significant part of a police officer in Superbad named Officer Michaels (“Superbad”), who tries to hunt down the main characters of the movie, throughout the course of Superbad.

Released in August of 2008, (“Superbad”), the Greg Mottola instant cult classic Superbad shows the story of best friends Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera).


Superbad demonstrates how the friends come to grips with their friendship, as well as their future together after high school. Intent on ending their senior year with a bang, the two friends get mixed up in a wild night involving stealing, fighting, under aged drinking, and arson. In this setting, Superbad introduces the world to upcoming actors/actresses such a Michael Cera, Emma Stone, and Christopher Mintz-Plasee (“Superbad”).

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Most of Superbad’s actors and actresses achieved their breakout roles through this movie, and since Superbad  many have starred in several other movies and TV shows.  For stars Michael Cera, Emma Stone, and Christopher Mintz-Plasee, “Superbad” was the very first movie they appeared in, besides small skits and TV shows scattered among the beginning of their careers (“Superbad”). In Superbad’s opening weekend, the movie earned $33,052,411, (“Superbad”). Internationally, Superbad’s total box office gross was $169,871,719, as stated on Box Office Mojo. These huge numbers had an effect on Emma Stone, Michael Cera, and Christopher Mintz-Plasee’s careers, taking them to the respect of big name movie stars.

Michael Cera, who was born in Canada in 1988, started his acting career in 1999 in a TV movie “What Katy Did,” IMDb’s article entitled “Michael Cerastates. Cera continued to perform in small TV movies or shows up until his breakout role in Superbad (“Superbad”). Cera played Evan, the lead role in Superbad alongside Jonah Hill, who played Seth (“Superbad”).  Upon starring in Superbad, Cera’s career expanded from small TV movies to box office hits, like his breakout movie Superbad. After Superbad, Cera starred in Juno, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and Scott Pilgrim VS the World (“Michael Cera”). Additionally, Cera has voiced in The Simpson’s and in Saturday Night Live, both of which heavily popular and watched shows (“Michael Cera”). Superbad jump started Michael Cera’s career, as well as the careers of several of his costars in the movie Super bad, like Emma Stone. 

Emma Stone, who played Jules in Superbad, also can give credit to Superbad for launching her career (“Superbad”). Stone was born in the year 1988 in Arizona, and started her acting career in a handful of small TV series, primarily just voicing in most of them, such as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, as it appears on IMDb’s article “Emma Stone.” Since Superbad, Stone has starred in movies such as The House Bunny, Zombieland, The Help, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (“Emma Stone”). Stone received her breakout role through Superbad, and since then has been the star of several more movies which have made significantly more money than Superbad.

Another actor that got his start thru Superbad was Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Mintz-Plasse, according to the online report on IMBd regarding Christopher Mintz-Plasse, he starred in Superbad when he was only sixteen years old, and the movie was the first ever acting job he had. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen chose to hire Mintz-Plasse with no notable experience before Superbad.  Mintz-Plasse played Fogel, a friend of Evan’s, who is also referred to as “McLovin’” on his fake ID (“Superbad”). Upon starring in Superbad, Mintz-Plasse later was featured in Role Models and Kick Ass, both movies playing a lead roles (“Christopher Mintz-Plasse”).  Mintz-Plasse definitely got his start from Superbad, and since then has been the major character, or lead role, in several other recent movies.

Superbad started the acting careers of several actors and actresses, included in that list are Michael Cera, Emma Stone, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Before being featured in Superbad, all of these actors/actresses had not yet starred in a major box-office movie, only small TV shows or smaller movies. All of these actors can credit Superbad with beginning their acting careers and giving them the opportunity to move forward in the world of Hollywood, as they weren’t before this movie. Superbad provided Emma Stone, Michael Cera, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse with their first huge breakout roles, and the world to know their names.

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Summary Edit

Released in August of 2008, the Greg Mottola instant cult classic Superbad gives a perfect example of a crude but sincere teen movie. A story about bestfriends Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) and how they come to grips with their friendship as well as their future together after high school. Intent on ending their senior year with a bang, the two friends get mixed up into a wild night that would involve stealing, fighting, under aged drinking, and arson. This will be a night that you the viewer, and they personally will never forget.

Movie SynopsisEdit

Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (Jonah Hill), friends since birth are set on facing one of their biggest challenges yet. They are graduating from high school, not knowing what is to come of their friendship in the future. Evan has already been accepted to Dartmouth University, along with another high school friend Fogel (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). Seth on the other hand has no direction, it's their last week of their senior year and he has no idea where he will be attending school in the fall. The movie opens with the two friends in their respected households before school. Seth leaves in his car to go pick up Evan and calls him on the phone. They begin talking about the fact that they are both turning 18 soon, and what they're going to do with the freedom of being a legal "adult". Seth goes through a list of pornographic websites that would be of interest to him to subscribe to. Evan then begins to complain about his choices due to their low quality production rate and lack of finesse. Seth eventually pulls up to Evan's house to pick him (They are still on the phone). Evan walks out with his Mom behind him, who states how exciting it is that Evan and Seth are growing up, but she's worried about their friendship falling out. She knows they haven't been apart since birth, and see's that as a potential problem. The two of them drive away after reassuring her that life wont cease to exist, that she is over thinking things.

The two friends arrive at school, Seth proceeds to park in the teachers lot. Evan advises Seth not to park there, but Seth ignores the statement, saying he "needs to get a Red Bull before class." In the convenient store, the two start talking about their relationship/love interest, mind you that both of the boys are single. Seth feels that his interest Jules (Emma Stone) returns a mutual feeling, while Evan on the other hand, is completely unaware that Becca (Martha MacIssac) is actually into him. Seth feels that he doesn't have very many chances to make Jules his girlfriend for the summer, which would give him time to become educated in sex. Seth believes this is a rite of passage for college students, that you're supposed to be a savant with sex before you get there. Seth already has bad feelings towards Evan's interest Becca. In first grade Seth had a fascination of drawing penises, which she revealed when he accidentally dropped his lunch box filled with them on the floor. He also believes that Becca is going to tear his and Evan's friendship apart in the few months they have left to spend together. The two leave the convenient store. We find out that the friends aren't very popular, when a very obnoxious classmate forcefully tells them that they aren't invited to his graduation party.

We pick back up in Home Economics class, where we see Seth complaining to his teacher about his lack of lab partner. She reassigns him with Jules, Seth is more than happy. He goes over to Jules' lab station where they begin conversation, making crude jokes and laughing at each other. Jules then invites Seth and Evan to a party at her house that night. Fogel then enters the classroom to tell Seth and Evan that he is going to purchase a fake ID, the teachers forces him to leave when we realize he wasn't even a part of that class. Knowing about the fake ID, Seth realizes that he can get the alcohol for Jules' party. Becca will also be there, so this would be a perfect in for Evan and Seth.

Everything immediately goes wrong when we find out that Seth's car has been towed from the teacher parking lot. As if things weren't bad enough, Fogel comes along and presents his fake ID. We see that he lists that he is an unconvincing age of 25, and that he is also from Hawaii. The biggest problem is the name that he picks. "McLovin". Seth is convinced that the ID will not work, and their plans are already foiled. They know they have to at least try, their summer plans wont be ruined because of the newly named McLovin. Seth plans to go to a supermarket and steal a bunch of alcohol, but chickens out after some terrifying scenarios play out in his mind. The three friends eventually end up going to a Liquor store, where Fogel plans to use his fake ID to purchase alcohol. After awkwardly approaching the register with a basket full of items, the clerk asks for his ID. She shockingly accepts it and is set to give Fogel the liquor. But before the safe transition can be made, a thug rushes in and proceeds to rob the store. He punches Fogel in the eye, who is knocked straight to the floor. The clerk hands over all the money and the thug escapes unharmed.

Seth and Evan return to the liquor store after running down the street to take a look at a recently graduated classmates new boob job. They see that there is a police cruiser sitting in front of the store. They fear that Fogel was caught and turned into the police, not knowing of the robbery. While planning on what to do, a man backs into Seth, hitting him with his car. Still laying on the ground, the man named Francis (Joe Lo Truglio) rushes out of his car asking if Seth is okay. He pleads with the boys not to tell the police, since he has a warrant out for his arrest for a list of non violent crimes. Seth reminds Evan that they still need to get the alcohol for the party, Francis then tells them that he is going to another party across town and that he can get them liquor from there. The friends agree, assuming Fogel is already arrested, and they leave with Francis.

On the inside of the liquor store, Officer Michaels (Seth Rogen) and Officer Slater (Bill Hader) question the clerk and "McLovin" about their run in with a the mugger. The clerk gives the police officers all she knows and then runs away hysterically when they become uncooperative. The police take a look at Fogel's ID and say that he checks out, making a joke though about him being listed as an organ donor. They question where Fogel was headed with all this alcohol, and he says a party, giving the address. The two officers offer to give him a ride, which Fogel accepts. They leave with all of the alcohol in hand.

Seth and Evan arrive at the party, awkwardly walking around when they realize it's an adult party and they know nobody. Francis says he's going to make a phone call, when the owner of the house Mark (Kevin Corrigan) steps up to Francis. We find out that Francis is not very liked, and Mark then throws Francis out of the house and into the street. A fight breaks out between the two, that's when Seth looks for alcohol around the party. Evan accuses Seth of bringing him into a violent situation, at an unsafe party, and says that he wont let Seth dictate their mutual lives anymore. Evan states that Seth has only been holding him back and barges off. Not feeling safe, Evan goes into a room to call Becca about what's going on. Seth gets distracted and starts slow dancing with a girl at the party. They stop dancing, and Seth continues his search for alcohol. He is stopped when two guys at the party notice a stain on Seth's pants. We find out that it's menstruation blood, and the girl that he was dancing with was Mark's girlfriend. Seth rushes off to find a place to wash the stain out of his pants. He ends up in the basement where he tries to scrub it out with laundry detergent. He looks over and notices that there is a fridge, he opens it to find bottles upon bottles of beer. He empties out the containers of laundry detergent and fills them with the bottles of beer. Seth then goes upstairs where he is confronted by Mark, and he stumbles over his words trying to explain that dancing with his girlfriend was a misunderstanding. Another fight breaks out when Mark attempts to punch Seth, but hits someone else, causing a party wide brawl. In the midst of all the commotion, Evan and Seth escape the party without a scratch as well as plenty of alcohol.

We come back in on Fogel and the police officers, who take a detour on their way to the party to assist a call where a violent drunk is making a scene at a local bar. Fogel stands by as Officers Slater and Michaels try to subdue the drunk, failing terribly in the process. The drunk beats his way past them and proceeds to push Fogel back into the kitchen area, where they trip and fall over a cart of food. Slater and Michaels come in to find the drunk unconscious on the floor, and assume that Fogel took him down by himself. They cheer him on, and then celebrate by having a beer while watching the surveillance footage from the robbed liquor store. The officers are impressed with Fogel's ability to take a punch. From there they get into the topic of women, and how Officer Slater has had trouble, telling Fogel that he doesn't wanna pick up woman in a bar, that's how he met his first wife. She turned out to be a prostitue, obviously ending the marriage. Fogel actually starts to relate to the officers and becomes very good friends with them. They show him that men of the law can have fun too.

While at the bar, the officers get called to break up the fight at the party Evan and Seth were at, they leave while taking precisely 13 "Road Beers" with them. On the way to their call, Slater and Michaels start playing Jedi with their flash lights (Star Wars) quoting the movie as they do. Not paying attention to the road, they run into Seth, who is walking across the road on his way to Jules' party. The two officers get out of the car to see how Seth is. When they see alcohol has spilled out of the one laundry detergent jug, officer Slater gets serious and starts to arrest them. Fogel, not knowing that it's his friends in the street, gets out of the car and flicks his cigarette. Evan sees Fogel get out and takes his chance, he takes off down the road. Noticing the distraction, Seth grabs the laundry detergent bottles and runs off as well, bringing Fogel with him, who grabs the two bags of alcohol out of the police cruiser. The drunk from the bar is thrown from the car by Slater for no apparent reason. Evan gets chased after by Michaels, who is too out of shape to even keep up with him. Evan gets away. Officer Slater gets in the cruiser and goes after the other two, but they escape through backyards and woods.

Evan, Seth and Fogel end up meeting back up and decide to get on a bus, to get to Jules' party even faster. On the bus, the same violent drunk from the bar addresses Fogel as "McMuffin" and begins to scuffle with him for getting him arrested. He grabs a bottle of alcohol from the bag, and immediately throws it, getting the four of them thrown off of the bus. The guys realize that they are only blocks away from Jules' house now. On the way there Seth finds out that Fogel and Evan will be living together, and thinks that Evan is throwing away their friendship. He barges off into Jules' house on his own with the laundry detergent bottles of alcohol.

Evan goes to the back yard where Becca has been waiting for him all night. She is very drunk already, and has been talking to everyone about her plans to have sex with Evan. She drags him up to Jules' bedroom. She persists to get Evan in bed, but he doesn't want to take advantage of her and wants their relationship to thrive, not just end because of a drunken one night stand. In the midst, Becca throws up all over the bed. Evan runs out to get her help. Seth on the other hand, has no luck as well with his pursuit of Jules. He asks her to come outside with him to talk, where he attempts to kiss her. She pushes him off, Seth gets upset because he assumes that it was his last chance to get with Emma, and that he blew it. He thinks that they would both be drunk and it'd be easy for him to convince her to have sex with him. Jules admits that she doesn't drink, but sympathizes with Seth, saying he didn't wreck everything. Before anything else can be said, Seth passes out, and headbutts Jules on his way to the ground, giving her a black eye.

When Seth finally wakes up, he comes into the house to see that Slater and Michaels had been called about a noise complaint, and are starting to break up the party. He rushes around looking for Evan, who is passed out drunk on a couch. With their problems at hand, Seth pushes them aside and knows he has to save his friend. He picks him up, and carries him outside. into the woods, and down the street towards Evans' house.

Fogel is the only one who is getting any luck with women. He musts up the courage to talk to Natalia, another girl from school. He gives her the impression that he is actually McLovin, and is an escaped criminal, she becomes amazed at the idea of trouble. They eventually end up in a bedroom upstairs where they start to fool around. Before they can get too far, Slater and Michaels burst through the door and bust them. Natalia rushes out, and the officers start to question their friend McLovin about his night and why he left them. Eventually, they admit that they knew the whole time that Fogel wasn't 25. They just wanted to show him that cops could have a good time, that they weren't as psycho as teenagers think. They give McLovin one more favor, and pull him out of the party while he makes a scene, furthering the impression of his bad boy attitude to Natalia.

We come back in on Seth carrying Evan down the street, where Evan slowly wakes up. He gets out of Seths hands and starts to walk, deciding that they should go to his house for a sleepover, that the night is over. Seth agrees, asking if Evan has any pizza bagels left. When they get back to the house, they crawl into sleeping bags, ready to fall asleep for the night. They start talking and come to grips on their friendship, saying that they're going to be okay when college comes. That their love for each other is strong enough to overcome the distance. They end up falling asleep drunkily hugging the other.

In the morning, they wake up and make plans to go to the mall, to buy stuff for college. While they are there, they run into Becca and Jules, who are also shopping. The boys decide to go off with their respective girls and help them shop. Evan needs to buy a comforter for college, while Becca needs to buy a new comforter for Jules' bed, since she threw up on the other. Jules on the other hand needs to buy cover up for her black eye for the senior photo, and Seth goes along to help saying he is an expert on the stuff since he had bad acne in middle school. The two sets of friends then part their way, it's the first time that Seth and Evan really understand how life is going to be without the other, and accepts what is ever to come of their relationship. Newly secure with their friendship, they accept and are comfortable with being apart.

 Box OfficeEdit

Opening Weekend (Domestic):" $33,052,411"

Worldwide Gross: "$169,871 719"

Work Cited: IMDb "Box Office/ Business for Superbad"  [] 19 August 2007 n.p. October 20, 2014

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Theatrical Release:  Columbia Pictures

Worldwide Distribution:  Sony Pictures

Work Cited:IMDb "Superbad (2007) Company Credits" [2] n.d., n.p. 20 October 2014

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